China - Iran B

China Closer to win the title

China moved closer to the title after beating Iran-B 31⁄2:1⁄2. China and India are tied at 14 match points each but China is ahead in tie break with 27.5 game points.

Iran-B tried their best against the Goliath but the differences in rating were so great between the two teams. Only Amirreza Pourramezanali on board two held Yu Yangyi to a draw to prevent a shutout.

“It all depends on Iran-A against China,” India captain GM Ramesh said referring to the last round match.

In the women’s division, semifinals were held. China beat Kazakhstan 31⁄2:1⁄2 while India edged Iran-A 21⁄2:1⁄2.

The exciting final match will be between China and India.

After the lower boards finished in a draw, Harika Dronavalli had to win on board 1 since Atousa, pressed hard surrounded by local fans.

Kazakhstan and Iran-A playoff for 3rd and 4th. Vietnam and Iran-B play for 5th and 6th places.

India - Iran A

Iran A hold India to draw in the Open Section

India men slipped to second by tie break after being held to a draw by Iran team A in the 7th round. India and China are tied with 12 match points each. This allowed China to climb back on top with a better tie break score of 20 game points. Much depends on the last round match between China and Iran-A who are gunning for third place trophy. India has weaker assignments in the In the women’s division, China topped the preliminaries followed by India, Iran-A and Kazakhstan. The knockout semifinals pit 1 vs 4 and 2 vs. 3. Thus China has easy assignment against Kazakhstan whom they had beaten 4:0 in the prelims. India matches with Iran-A. The two winners face each other for the championships while the two losers playoff for third place. 

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India – Iran A
China - India

India Shock China in Open Section

The Indian men’s team shocked top seed China 21⁄2:11⁄2 to grab solo lead with 9 match points after 5 rounds. GM Sasikiran outplayed Yu Yangyi’s Queen’s Indian defense and quickly threatened mate to force resignation on the 30th move. Three other boards were hard fought draws by repetition of position. See cross table below for schedule of opponents. China fell to a close second with 8 match points, ahead of Vietnam and Iran-A who are tied with 7 match points each. Asian Nations Cup 2014 Open Table after round 5 (standard) In the women’s division, by chance India and China also faced each other. But the reverse happened. There were also three draws but on board 3, Tan Zhongyi beat Eesha Karavade of India to give China the 21⁄2:11⁄2 victory. China leads with 8 match points followed by India with 6. Kazakhstan beat Iran-B 3:1 to trail with 5 match points followed by Iran-A with 4. The top four women’s teams play knockout semifinal matches (1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3). The two winners play the final match.

China - Vietnam

Day 4 News : Chinese men crush Vietnam…

The Chinese men’s team crushed Vietnam 3:1 to maintain its solo leadership with 8 match points after four rounds of the Asian Nations Cup team championship in Tabriz, Iran. Wei Yi used the Gruenfeld Defense to beat IM Nguyen Duc Hoa in 38 moves. After two draws followed on the top two boards, GM Ma Qun sealed the win for China by crushing the Petroff Defense of Dao Thein Hai in a marathon 74 moves. Iran-A and India are close behind with 7 match points each. Iran-A, led by GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami, blanked Sri Lanka 4:0. India followed suit with a shutout 4:0 victory over Oman. Vietnam and Iran-B trail with 5 match points each. In the women’s division, India and China are tied with 6 match points each. The Indian team, led by GM Harika Dronavalli, beat Iran-B 3:1 to have the same match points as China. But in tie break by game points, India edges China by half a point. Harika essayed the Queen’s Gambit to beat Asgarizadeh Minoo in 37 moves. Dorsa Derakhshani evened the score at the expense of Tania Sachdev on board two for India. India’s IM Eesha Karavade and WGM Padmini Rout beat Gholami Orimi Anahita and Zahedifar Anahita, respectively. Iran-A and Kazakhstan follow with 3 match points each and are contenders for the semifinal berths.

See the Bulletin No. 5

Chinese Men in Solo lead, Indian and Chinese Women tied for lead


China Men Team in Asian Nations Cup 2014

China Men Team in Asian Nations Cup 2014

The powerhouse Chinese men’s team grabbed solo lead as erstwhile co-leader Vietnam was held to a draw by India in the second round of the Asian Nations Cup in Tabriz, Iran.

China outclassed Sri Lanka 4:0 to tally 4 match points. Teams get 2 match points for a win, one match point for a draw and none for a loss.

Four teams are tied for second at 3 match points each, namely Vietnam, Iran A and B, and India.

Vietnam’s GM Truong Son beat GM Adhiban but GM Sasikiran evened the score for India by beating IM Nguyen Duc Hoa. The games on board 4 between IM Huynh Minh Huy and GM Negi of India, and between GM Le Quang Liem of Vietnam and GM Sethuraman ended in draws.

Iran-A, led by GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami, routed Iraq 3:1. Iran-B, led by GM Darini Pouria, almost blanked Jordan 3½:½.

Sri Lanka follows with 2 match points together with Kazakhstan who blanked Oman 4:0. Scoreless with no match points are Iraq, Oman and Jordan.

In the women’s division, India and China are tied at 4 match points each followed by Iran-A with 3, Kazakhstan with 1 and scoreless Vietnam and Iran-B.

India blanked Vietnam 4:0 while China smashed Iran-B 3½:½. Iran-A and Kazakhstan played to a 2:2 draw.

The top four women’s teams advance to the KO semifinals with 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. The two winners then play a final match while the two losers play for 3rd and 4th places.

See the Bulletin No. 3

Rapid Competition Won by China and Kazakhstan!

Mr. Kambuzia Vice President of FIDE Open the Semi Final of the Rapid Competiton.

Mr. Kambuzia Vice President of FIDE Open the Semi Final of the Rapid Competition.

See the pairing and results :

1 AsianNationCup2014-Open- Semi Final & Final(Rapid)
2 Asian Nations Cup 2014 – Women – Semi Final & Final (Rapid)
3 Asian Nations Cup 2014 – Women (Rapid)
4 AsianNationCup2014-Open(Rapid)

Kazakhstan, China win Asian Nations Cup Rapid Chess Team Championship

The Kazakhstan men’s team upset the top seed Chinese team in the final to win the Asian Nations Cup Rapid Chess Team Championship in Tabriz, Iran. In the women’s division, the highly rated Chinese crushed the Indian women’s team to win the one-day event.

The Asian Nations Cup has three events, Rapid chess, Standard and Blitz. Ten men’s teams and 6 women’s teams are seeing action in this biannual event of the Asian Chess Federation.

The Rapid chess format consisted of 5-round Swiss system preliminaries followed by semifinals and final.

China topped the preliminaries with 9 match points followed by Vietnam with 8, Kazakhstan with 7, Iran A and Iran B with 6 match points each, India and Jordan with 4 match points each, Sri Lanka and Iraq with 3 match points and newcomer Oman with no team win.

The top four played a knockout Semifinal match after which the two winners faced each other in the finals. In the semifinals, China beat Iran-A 2.5-1.5 while Kazakhstan bested Vietnam by a similar slate. The finals were a tense struggle as three boards were in a tie. Chinese GM Ding Liren beat Rinat Jumabayev but Petr Kostenko evened the score at the expense of GM Ma Qun. As board two ended in a draw, it all depended on the board 3 game. In an exciting finish GM Pavel Kotsur outplayed youthful Wei Yi to clinch the title.

In the women’s division, the six women’s teams played round robin preliminaries to select the qualifiers to the knockout semifinal and final. China dominated the prelims with 9 match points followed Iran-A with 7 match points, India with 5, Vietnam and Kazakhstan with 4 and Iran-B with 1 match point.

In the women’s semifinals, China trounced Vietnam 3:1 whie India edged Iran-A 2.5-1.5 as Harika Dronavali held to a draw Atousa Pourkashiyan’s strong attack. The finals were a decisive victory for China, 3:1 on wins by IM Shen Yang and WGM Guo Qi  while the other two boards were drawn.

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FIDE Arbiter Seminar

A FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar is going to be organized from 21 to 29 May 2014 in Tabriz, Iran, by the Iranian Chess Federation and under the auspices of FIDE.

FIDE Arbiter Seminar in Tabriz

FIDE Arbiter Seminar in Tabriz

The venue of the Seminar will be the Conference Hall of the Hotel International in Tabriz.

The Lecturer will be IA Casto Abundo (PHI), Asian Chess Federation Deputy President and FIDE Lecturer and Assistant Lecturer will be IA Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), Asian Chess Federation Treasurer and FIDE Lecturer.

The language of the Seminar will be English, with Persian translation.

The Seminar will give norms for the FIDE Arbiter title, according to the regulations for the titles of Arbiters.

For more detailed information:

IO Hadi Karimi,


Phone: +982188971040 / +989125009221

(see application)